All About Senior Care

As of the year 2013, there were approximately 44 million Americans who are over the age of 65 and by 2060, this figure is expected to double to 90 million. With the increase in elderly population, there is a greater need for senior care more than ever. Whether it's for yourself or for a loved one, it is vital to have thorough understanding of the retirement communities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Here are some facts that you must know regarding elderly population as well as their care. Read more great facts on advice for caregivers , click here.

People Are Living Longer

When most of our grandparents born in 1930s, average life expectancy was around 70 years. But with the innovations in medicine and science most especially vaccines, that number increased to over 85 years by year 2000. CDC has predicted that babies who were born after 2010 will have an average age of 90 years old. In other words, people are able to live longer and it's a trend that we could expect. For more useful reference regarding ome care providers , have a peek here.

People Will Spend A Lot Of Time In Assisted Living

Among the common forms of senior care is assisted living. Residents living in communities or facilities that are providing them help for daily chores and even medical requirements they have. There are greater than 80 percent of assisted living residents who are over the age of 75 years old. Average length of stay is around 2 years but according to studies, it showed that this number keeps increasing. Majority of the residents will move from assisted living to a nursing home. It is because of the reason that nursing homes are providing a higher level of physical and medical assistance to their guests.

Assisted Living is Expensive

The cost of average resident for assisted living facility is around 3500 dollars per month and that figure is expected to double for nursing homes. This amount is covering board, room and access to all amenities in the facility. The brunt of the cost then goes to paying the staffs that these locations require. A lot of the residents need assistance in changing clothes, bathing as well as feeding themselves. Also, it is necessary for the staffs to help guests with their medication.

There are a lot of Options for Senior Care

So far, we've focused much on assisted living facilities as well as nursing homes. While these are the popular options, they're not the only ones available. There are numerous people if they can afford will hire someone to assist them with the day to day tasks around the house as they age. This type of care could either increase or decrease over time, which will depend on the level of need of the person. Please view this site for further details.